ETV Conference "Boosting Environmental Technologies by Verification"


15th September 2008 - Day

385KB European perspectives and initiatives
Elena Dominguez, EC DG Research

737KB Technology verification - what and why?
Thomas Track, DECHEMA e.V./Germany

126KB Sustainable production by cleaner technologies
Uwe Fortkamp, IVL/Sweden

4.564KB Advanced water reuse in aquaculture
Morten Moller Klausen, DHI/Denmark

2.496KB Smart methods for improved water quality monitoring
Anders Lynggaard-Jensen, DHI/Denmark

2.493KB Innovative approaches to contaminated site characterization
Derk van Ree, Deltares/The Netherlands

3.509KB Improved nutrient removal with biofilm reactors
Bjorn Rusten, Aquateam/Norway

211KB Optimised air emission abatement
Kristien De Sitter, VITO/Belgium

15th September 2008 - Parliamentarian Evening

886KB "It does what it says on the tin"
Richard Gould, Environment Agency/UK

32KB Perspectives for European industry and economy
Didier Herbert, EC DG Enterprise

120KB European legislation frame for verification
Ian Clark, EC DG Environment

30KB Global perspectives - how can ETV schemes cooperate: USA
Teresa Harten, U.S. EPA ETV/USA

31KB Global perspectives - how can ETV schemes cooperate: Canada
John Neate, ETV Canada/Canada

16th September 2008

172KB TESTNET - Development of a verification procedure
Lambert van Breemen, KIWA/The Netherlands

1.965KB Between the lines: Reference site verification
Norbert Klaas, University of Stuttgart/Germany

154KB Industry, buyer and regulator perspectives on verification
Roel Brand, TNO/The Netherlands

323KB ETV on the way to standardisation
Richard Gould, Environment Agency/UK

857KB ETV, a technology service or public regulation
Christian Gron, DHI/Denmark

66KB Recommendations for an EU verification system
Thomas Track, DECHEMA e.V./Germany

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